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      2. About us

        ◆ History: Established on August 10th, 1995.
        ◆ Technical capacity:We have a long and stabilization technical cooperation with Tsinghua University, Nanjing University.We hvae dozens of patent technology and many new national products.
        ◆ Main products


        Colloidal silica:made from metallic silicon, It has the advantages of low impurity content, good transparency, uniform colloidal particle, compact structure, regular spherical shape, good thermal stability, strong adhesion and high hardness. The product as been recognized by international and domestic customers.


        Silicate:made from our colloidal silica, It has the advantages of good transparency, high purity, no sal. The surface structure can be made into hydrophilic, hydrophobic or both hydrophobic and oleophobic.

        Nano antirust film:It can be formed a solid nano-silica ceramic film on the metal surface to prevent rust and anticorrosio. It can replace phosphating products, rust-proof liquid, antirust oil and other products.And because of no VOC,it can reduce the pressure of environmental protection and realize green production.

        Extension products: floor treatment agent, wall treatment agent, metal coating material, paper retention agent, silicone sol, etc.

        ◆Application industries: Investment casting, refractories, ceramic coatings, building coatings, civil engineering, floor treatment, metal anticorrosion, catalysts, concrete, membrane materials, water treatment, smelting, electronics, batteries, textiles, fiber, paper, food, fertilizer and so on.
        ◆Market distribution:domestic market 70%, international market 30%.
        ◆Enterprise size:Registered capital:RMB11,680,000, Production capacity: 40,000tons.


        Zhejiang Yuda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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        Fax. +86 575-82153702
        Skype: flytc216@outlook.com
        WhatsApp: +86-15658118007

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