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      2. Retention and drainage property for papermaking
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        • The inorganic water-soluble polymer with nano-silica as the main component has small particle size, large specific surface area, ultra-high negative charge and strong adsorption and polymerization ability. It can combine with cationic fine fibers and filler particles to form large particles, and the particles can be linked to each other in the form of larger aggregates. It can improve the retention rate of pulp ash, improve the utilization ratio of pulp, reduce the amount of fixed agent, reduce the cost of paper making, and reduce the content of cod,bod and ss in sewage discharge. It is an efficient and safe anionic retention drainage property for pulping and papermaking.



          ●It is completely inorganic, green, safe, environmentally friendly, will not bring oil milk and other adverse substances to the paper machine system.

          ●It is Unconditionally soluble in water, easy to disperse and simple to use.

          ●The utility model can be used in combination with a variety of products, such as CPAM( cationic polyacrylamide), CS( cationic starch) and so on, to improve the retention and drainage property effect.

          The flocs formed by the adsorption fiber of this product are small and dense, which can improve the dehydration speed of the net and press, and reduce the moisture content of the finished paper.

          ●This product also has the function of increasing the strength of wet paper and dry paper, improving the uniformity of paper and improving the physical properties of paper.


          This product is suitable for cultural paper, coated white paperboard, newsprint and other less impurity content of pulp retention and drainage property.

          The recommended addition amount of this product is 1~4‰. Please select the dosage according to the actual production demand and the amount of adsorbed particles

          Due to the small amount of addition, please dilute it before adding to the slurry.

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