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        About Yuda




        Our concept of quality

        Based on technical progress and attention to details, the quality concept of pursuing excellence is established。

        Our view of customers

        1. We are willing to wholeheartedly provide the best products and the best service for the best customers;
        - we do not promise that we can meet the requirements of every kind of customers, especially we do not expect the enterprises with the purchasing tenet of "who will buy the products at the lowest price" to become our customers.
        2. Suppliers are also our customers;

        Our view of social responsibility

        1. We believe that paying taxes according to law, operating legally and protecting the environment are the only basis of all social responsibilities;
        2. It is our greatest social responsibility to provide high-quality and qualified products to our customers.

        Our view of employees

        1. Respect for employees and mutual respect;
        2. The common development of employees and enterprises.
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